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Integrations with our trained Integration team

Human capital support to map Organisational Risks

API support


Network Audit

Cyber Focus : Alyne software as a service

With Alyne, you get a next generation software, expert knowledge and actionable risk insights to confidently navigate the Cyber, Regulatory and Compliance space. 


An exhaustive set  over 1000 of controls in Alyne’s Control Library


Risk analytics based on 900+ interlinked risks


Rich library content that is easily understandable  and actionable across over 47 standards laws and regulations.


Savings in terms of cost and effot when compared to alternative SaaS, on-prem and spreadsheet solutions.

Integrated Security Solutions


Assessment & Planning

Cloud Strategy & Virtualization

Continuous Integration

Continuous Testing

Automate Orchestration

Monitoring & Reports

Velocity with Security,
as a Practice

As DevOps focuses on delivery at high velocity, let us add security as a practice with ongoing, flexible collaboration between release engineers and security teams

Any organization needs a custom implementation strategy. Many organizations have some level of automation, CI, test and virtualization but may not be operating at best practices. Our experienced experts assess an organization’s current DevOps status, goals and implementation plans

DevOps technology snapshot

Here is the snapshot of a few important tools and platforms that we offer for DevOps Implementation Services

Managed Services​

Security Operations Centre

Asset Discovery & Mapping

SOC setup
& monitoring

Threat Intel & Analysis

Device Hardening


Risk Assessment & Compliance

Reporting & Documentation

Managed Services​

Security Operations Centre

Asset Discovery & Mapping

SOC setup
& monitoring

Threat Intel & Analysis

Device Hardening

Risk Assessment & Compliance

Reporting & Documentation


Add-on Services ​

Take it as you Need

Gap Analysis and Audit ​

Taking a holistic view of security posture & mapping it against best industry practices.

Incident Handling​

Acquiring effective control at crucial times to safeguard your business

Fortress Quotient​

Using the defensive strength of the employees as “human firewall” to reduce cyber risks

Wireless VAPT​

Assessing to bring your wireless assets up to security standards with best practices

Mobile Application VAPT​

Assessing the strength of mobile applications and highlighting vulnerabilities 

Alyne - SaaS

Efficient Solution backed by expert knowledge to navigate the GRC space confidently.

Cyber Focus : SOC

Our SOC workflow can be compared with leading industry best practices and standards like ISO 27001, SOX and NIST frameworks and we cover the followed data sources.

Continuous Protection

Timely Response

Minimize Breach

Increase Security Visibility

Active Threat Intel

Well Identified Business Risk

Governance & Compliance at it’s best​

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