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Any Security spend should be backed by Complete mapping of the Organisation’s Risk profile. Information Risk Management should have an integrated approach and must be continuous for your security spend to give you the RoI you are looking for.

Quantify the enterprise security posture with Discover

Business Risk

Information Risk

Technology Risk

Behaviour Risk

Compliance risk

Governance risk

Third party risk

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Cyber Focus : Alyne

An automated information risk management system, that puts the power of risk management in your hands.

Key Features

Customizable Views

Multi-lingual Content

User Engagement

Instantly Available

Smart Search

Intuitive Navigation

What does alyne solve?

Current Problem Space

Manual Approach

Organisations are still relying heavily on the likes of spreadsheets, manual processes and legacy software platforms, which are no longer smart or efficient enough.

Increasing Regulations

The sharp increase of regulations and laws over the last 5 years has made it even more difficult for businesses to keep up manually.

Rising Risks

Organisations need to find new and smarter ways to combat the ever-growing risk problem space that is so evident today.

Alyne SaaS Solution

Automated GRC Processes

Automate manual cyber and information security, risk management and compliance processes to replace the use of spreadsheets, documents and emails.

Risk Assessments

Increase compliance and risk transparency through more scalable risk assessments, delivering actionable insights to reduce risk exposure quickly.

Risk Management Dashboard

Get a single real-time view of all risks so you can manage, mitigate and treat promptly.

Benefits of Alyne SaaS

Tedious and manual Risk Management and Compliance processes are digitalised and simplified through Alyne’s core capabilities and content libraries.

Cyber Focus : Lucideus

Cyber Risk Quantification


An Enterprise Wide, Objective, Unified, Real Time Cyber Risk Quantification (CRQ) platform which incorporates both technical & business aspects with an output for prioritized decision making.


How Trustable Are Your Employees?

(Score Per Employee)


How Trustable Are Your Policies?

(Score Per Policy


How Trustable Are Your End-Points And Apps

(Score Per IP/App)


Cyber Security Procuts

How Trustable Are Your Security Products?

(Score Per Security Product)



How Trustable Are Your Third Parties?

(Score Per Third Party)

Benefits of Lucideus SAFE

Cyber Risk Quantification

Measure and mitigate the cyber risk posture of the organization in real-time

Actionable insights for Business Leaders to aid decision making

Bayesian Network-based Breach Likelihood probabilistic calculation using proprietary scoring model


Necessary Integrations with our trained Integration team

Necessary human capital support to map your organisational Risks

API support



Network Audit

Managed Security Services

360-degree Cyber Security Cover

Services Scope

Asset Discovery & Mapping

SOC setup

SOC monitoring

Log Analysis

Threat Analysis

Threat Intel

Device Hardening

Network Audit


Risk Assessment & Compliance

Reporting & Documentation

SOC Workflow

Our SOC workflow can be compared with leading industry best practices and standards like ISO 27001, SOX and NIST frameworks

Add-on Services

Take it as you Need

Gap Analysis and Audit

Gap analysis is aimed at discovering the security weakness in the setup. Analysis of data and cyber security gap analysis takes holistic view of security posture and maps it against the best industry practices.

Incident Handling

Incident handling services will be greatly useful in the event of a breach or loss due to a cyber-attack, which could lead to a catastrophic impact on the business if not eliminated.

Fortress Quotient

Fortress Quotient aims at assessing the security of organizations by evaluating the measure of defensive strength as contributed by the employees, which would in turn help organizations create a kind of “human firewall” to substantially reduce the amount of cyber risks.

Wireless VAPT

This involves using manual and automated methods of assessing wireless networks for compliance to wireless security standards, use of strong encryption methods, handling unauthorized access points, and weaknesses to authentication and access attacks.

Mobile Application VAPT

Using static and dynamic analysis methods, the strength of mobile applications for various platforms will be assessed and penetration tests for the same will be conducted for highlighting the impact of any of the vulnerabilities being exploited.


Alyne, Software as a Service (SAAS) equips teams with extensive capabilities to navigate the GRC space

How do you benefit?

Continuous Protection

Timely Response

Minimize Breach Impact

Increase Security Visibility

Active Threat Intel

Well Identified Business Risk

Governance & Compliance at its best



Velocity with Security

As DevOps focuses on delivery at high velocity, let us add security as a practice with ongoing, flexible collaboration between release engineers and security teams

Dev-Ops solution blueprint

Any organization needs a custom implementation strategy. Many organizations have some level of automation, CI, test and virtualization but may not be operating at best practices. Our experienced experts assess an organization’s current DevOps status, goals and implementation plans

Assessment & Planning

  • Analyze existing build, test and deployment environment
  • Assess the existing virtualization, CI and automation capabilities 

Cloud Strategy & Virtualization

  • Study & Enhance existing virtualization capability
  • Strategize Private / Public / Hybrid Cloud needs for virtualization  

Continuous Integration

  • Study & Enhance existing CI capability
  • Test & Implement new CI tools 

Continuous Testing

  • Integrate testing into the Continuous Quality cycle
  • Automate QA testing and determine automation platform 

Automate Orchestration

  • Test automated VM control, build, test and deployment workflows
  • Update source control management 

Monitoring & Reports

  • Visualization for reporting based on customer environment and organizational processes 

DevOps technology snapshot

Here is the snapshot of a few important tools and platforms that we offer for DevOps Implementation Services

Adding Security in DevOps

Secure Code Analysis

Continuous Pre-release VAPT Testing

Embedded Compliance Monitoring

Cloud migration & monitoring ​

Cloud Security

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