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Accessibility-related litigation went up by 30% in the last year

Our Accessibility Services

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Our Accessibility Consulting Services Team works with you in evaluating your accessibility compliance needs and helps arrive at a plan to make sure your digital assets become compliant. This process includes formulating a test plan, gap analysis, and a clear road-map to achieve compliance.


Our Assessment Services Team implements the test plan by testing all your digital assets and delivering a highly customized and detailed report that would list out all the mitigation steps that are needed.


Our Remediation Services Team works with your development team to help them interpret the changes documented on the test report and guide them through the entire process of implementing them.


Don’t have an in-house team to help with the implementation of the test report? No worries. Our experienced development team can take care of all integrations including any application testing as needed to ensure a seamless accessibility testing experience for you.

10,000+ Pages Tested for WCAG 2.1 standards AA success criteria

Our Engagement Process

We focus on
Data Protection

All reports will be delivered through a secure process and shared with none other than designated stakeholders from the client's side in order to ensure data protection

400 Million Websites

As of 2020, there are 400 mn active websites on the World Wide Web

Here's how our service works

WCAG & Accessibility Analysis

A complete analysis of the digital assets in scope to give you a top-level view of what steps are needed in your journey towards accessibility-compliance.

Test Case

The relevant test cases are documented at this stage.

Gap Analysis

Gap analysis outlines in detail the gaps that need to be addressed in order to move to a fully-compliant state.

Impact Analysis & Recommendations

An impact analysis study is done and recommendations made to outline the business impact of gaps thrown up during testing. This ensure the cycle is complete.

Test Plan

This is followed by Test Plan creation that gets discussed with and published to all stakeholders.


The actual testing follows a process of automation followed by manual testing to ensure nothing gets missed.

Browser compatibility assessments
(on Chrome browser only)*

Testing also includes browser compatibility assessment against WCAG standards.


Complete guidance is provided on how to apply the necessary fixes as per our recommendations.

Re-test & regression analysis

The process of re-test and regression analysis completes the full cycle of testing and sets you up on a path to complete Accessibility-compliance.

When in doubt, design for accessibility

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